I Hate Whiners!

Sometimes I have a sudden urge on writing something, but in most cases I find that there's nowhere for me to do so, and sooner or later what is in my mind now will gradually fade out. Pretty sad, isn't it? So this page is solely for this particular personal need of mine.

Another reason that I start this page is after I have read a diary-sort-of homepage by a programmer in Netscape. Writing something down from you mind is not bad, right?

So whenever I have something in my mind, I will fire up my xterm (or cxterm, or whatever like that) and start to write them down (by my trustful text editor -- vim). So beware of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes... You hav been wanred.

Wed Mar 31 01:24:51 CST 1999

Seconds ago I uploaded lpkg to Debian's FTP site (master). This is my first package!

Mon Mar 15 09:10:25 CST 1999

Great, Joey (Martin Schulze) just phoned me to my office for confirming of my Debian developer status. That means I'm now an official developer for Debian! Hurray!

Sun Mar 7 22:51:42 CST 1999

Just sent an email to James Troup to tell him to phone me for confirming my developer status after I've waited for three months, I waana tell them they suck very much in this area, but I'm just a little potato right now...

Tue Jan 26 02:42:07 CST 1999

Yesterday I have registered debian.org.hk. Not many people knows that. Someone is not very happy about that. No matter what I do, it is just for the good sake of Debian and Linux community. Someone got to know that (and learn more Linux stuffs) before ranting!

Thanks Jack Wilkinson from jounce.net for providing primary DNS for me. *bow*

Fri Jan 1 11:07:57 CST 1999

Oh man! My Ultima Online account has finally been reactivated.

For some unknown reasons (frankly I still don't know the reason) my Ultima Online account was blocked since 24 Dec or 25 Dec. On the Christmas day when I tried to log on UO, it told me that my account was blocked. Then I immediately send an email to UO. Since I didn't receive any reply, I sent 2 more emails to them in the next few days. For reasons only god knows, it took them soooo long to reply me! Damn it.

I checked my mailbox this morning and saw their reply. The first thing I do is start up lynx and reactivate my account first. Then I reboot from Linux to Windows 95 and start up my Internet connection (boy, who knows what's happening to CSC's modem pool? I spent quite some time to establish a connection successfully!). The thing that I care the most is my house and ship! From the Papua Inn I dashed back to the magic shop and yelled 'recsu'. Within a few seconds I was back to Moonglow. Went to the bank and recalled back to my house. Good lord! Thanks god! Both my ship and house are already 'greatly worn'. I think if I don't refresh it soon they will both be disappear from Britannia!

* relieved*

Wed Nov 25 06:01:41 HKT 1998

The new furniture lock-down feature in UO is really nice! After I read that it is already implemented in UOVault, I logged into UO immediately and used my usual char "Minami" to lock down all the furniture in her house. Bravo! It worked like a charm! You may not know how long it had been when Origin first said that there would be such a feature. It's from the time when I was still an active counselor! Should be more than half a year! *Sign*

Thu Sep 24 09:21:16 HKT 1998

Man...I have finally solved the "current penalty != lastKnownPenalty" bug in my E-genet for DCSP program. I have spent so much time on it.

Today is Thursday. My regular meeting with my supervisors should be held on every Thursday. But I have not seen them for totally 3 weeks now. Last time I met them (that is 3 weeks ago) I told them that I was working on my program. Now, that means I have been working on this program for one month!! Seems to be too long... Sigh... I just did't concentrate on my work...

Although I have solved this nasty problem, the performance of my algorithm is far from perfect. WHY?? Now I have to find out the reasons... The truth is out there...

Sat Sep 5 09:06:44 HKT 1998

Another Saturday morning...

Lots of things to do, lots of things that have not done.

Research, Anti-M$ homepage, new version of JDynDNS client, the little TTF info program...

How to sleep less, say 4 hours/day, but don't feel sleepy?

Time to take a shower, and then have a nice cup of coffee, and listen to True Love of Fujii Fumiya...

Tue Sep 1 20:47:05 HKT 1998

Haven't read the HK newsgroups for sometime, I starts tin and browsed through some of them like hk.comp.software and hk.seminar. Yuck! What do you think I have read in hk.seminar? Seminar notices? NO! Educational info? NO! Chit-chat? Also NO! Advertisements? YES! What sorts of ad? I can't remember exactly now, I am very sure that there are sex ads, selling sex products. And many of them are from the same company! WTF! hk.seminar is for seminar announcement, but I cannot find even a single piece of such news articles!!!

How about hk.comp.software? It is better. I can't remember that there are ads. But off-topic posts are very common.

This is very sad. You can see that how inconsiderate HK people are.